Our Services

Htp delivers professional services in Broadcast Media Production; Print Production; Production Support and Communications Consultancy to satisfy the demands of our diverse clientele.

Broadcast Media Productions

Our studios are equipped with state-of-the-art production and post-production facilities and passionate staff.

Motion picture has always been a catalyst for social change and htp is continually seeking out motivating stories to turn into great films to inspire every generation.
htp develops and produces a variety of television programmes for broadcast such as documentaries for government, corporate and non-governmental organizations; drama, magazine, talk shows, commercials, music videos and educational/training videos.
We conceptualize and produce high-quality Radio jingles and Programmes in our state-of-the- art studios for broadcast.

Print Production

We have a graphics unit dedicated to generating creative designs and printing a variety of high quality promotional materials such as brochures, compendiums, anniversary books, billboards, posters, and flyers.

Production support

htp provides well trained crews and professional facilities for production and post-production to independent producers and companies that require additional equipment and support for their projects.

Our production and postproduction facilities, which meet International Broadcast Standards (IBS), include:

HDCAM, XDCAM and HD video cameras with hand held camera stabilization systems and accessories, Non-linear digital editing facilities with graphic and animation capabilities.


We know that our client’s objectives can best be realized when there is constant positive communication and interaction with their publics. The many years of training and experience of htp staff has therefore placed us in a position not to only offer useful and necessary advice but to also plan and execute campaigns and programmes that are strategic for the growth of our clients. We have been privileged to offer successful communications consultancy services to public, corporate and multinational organizations such as development and implementation of Media & communications strategies for public enlightenment, publicity and Public Relations.